A gift from heaven

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I knew my basic English not good enough! I never took an English course before. So that's why my English grammar so bad. Futher more I write my story in English.

When I worked in a hotel, and meet guest from different country. I can gain my English. It's really interesting for me to know them. 

Afterward, I get married and have a baby.I decided to resign. It's a hard decision for me. Because I am crazy with my work.Make my guest happy is my passion, besides I got my own salary.

On the other hand, I have to make a choice. I am a mother  now. What is my priority? Career or family? Can I hold both of them?I knew myself  as workaholic person. The other side I delivered baby under weight, around 1.6 kilograms.She need my attention. Should I leave her with baby sitter? No..I can't

I will dead if something happens with my baby because my ego is deceive.

Being a full time mother and new mother. And stay far away from my parents, is a challenging, especially with a baby. For couples month I am frustrated when my baby cry in the midnight, and I didn't know how to calm her. Gosh!!!! I didn't get enough sleep. 

Soon after, My baby being my teacher. I can read and learn a lot how to raise a kid. Teach her how to speak, how to count, how to read, how to sing, and toilet training that made me insane. Not just teaching her, but being a mother and wife I have to be everything, a chef, a singer, a  clown,a maid, her nurse, accountant, Butler,manager,house keeper,personal asisstant,event planner,hair dresser etc. 

Wow! it's thousand job that I can do in my home. althought my worked longer, and I didn't get nor any salary or holiday. And I am happy, because my daughter is a gift from heaven. I learn a lot and smarter how to manage my time than before. How could if I worked? Maybe I will come home late because my job, can't be post poned, see my daughter when she was sleeping, angry with her when she disturb me while I am doing my homework. She will miss her baby sitter than me. Ought!!!! I hate that. 

My daughter, grow up now. She is so beautiful and a clever girl. I have a lot of time now and  can't wait, just sit or just window shopping. Owh it's tiring!

I need something to improve myself! after thing a lot, I choose blogging. It's fun. I can share idea, tips or inspiration to the other people, and want to help them tru my writing, can I?

 I am realizing, being a mother is a hard choice and  I m blessed with my choice now.


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