Don't Give Up


It's raining on 4th December, and  my tear drop like a rain that I couldn't stop.  Feeling blue and hate my self! I wanna run to the ocean, swim and scream.

These few months everyting going crazy. I couldn't control it. The plans was fall apart. It made my purse empty and not much money left in my bank account. I was crazy to think of that then following by negative thinking. It spinning around in my head.

Can we live without money?????????????????? how about if..bla.bla..bla. I am scare. My mind full and exploaded.

I look outside and there is a little sparrow took my attention. He was busy looking food crumb near the bin while a cat watched him. He not afraid, calm and move around like a lady took food crumb. I am curiously to know what will happen between sparrow and cat then. My heart beating to see them and happy to know the sparrow escape from cat. 

Look!!!! the sparrow not afraid with cat event with the hard rain or strong wind. everyday he wake up in the morning, fly to the sky looking for some food, and comeback in the evening. He never give up.

how about me? I just complaint and complain. And count everything that I didn't get. 

That incident run into my mind. 

I take a note and start write, review all my plan. Why it's not worked. Although I worked hard to make it happen,tighten all the expenses and fixed the incorrect one.

Finally, I am realize that my design was not good enough from GOD plan. I must change, swicth the negative thinking into positive thinking! Now I have to start count my blessing.

Yeach...My family healthy,I have husband who care with me, beautiful and smart daughter, with nice house, car and we run our own business. 

Surprise! I felt happy, my mind calm and relax.

Thank you GOD!


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