Rice Powder and Turmeric Scrub For My Beauty Skin

Every woman wants to have a glowing skin. And how we can do that with cheaper ingredient but get a good result?

We can use rice powder, turmeric, and lime for scrub. That ingredients can found easily in our kitchen. Usually in Asian kitchen. Sometime I add a spoon of gliserin or coconut oil. 

It's simple! you may make it in a few minute. afterthat wipe in your body, even on your face. Leave it around 20 minutes.Then take shower. See the result! You will be surprised due to your skin smooth and flawless.

 I used it twice a week. Futhermore I am happy when my friend told me that my skin brighter now. 

 I really love to make scrub by myself. Beside, free from chemical and cheap. The important thing is I can explore with different ingredients and felt how is it. Learning something new make me lively as well as creative.

As you know that rice, turmeric, lime has more benefit for skincare.

How to make it if we don't have rice powder. Don't worry! if you have rice, take a handfull of rice, soak in water for couple hours. Then blend it with turmeric, lime juice or ingredient as you like.

So guys.....try it now and let me know how you feel. Oke!!!!


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