When You Againts Your Boss

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May I asked you a question?

What did you do, if someone treat you badly not just attitudes also in a words. It seem that he wants you put down in mud. Even you work hard and you can control your work nicely without any problem.

You have tried your best to fixed it, but he ignored it.

Yeach....maybe you wil get mix feeling between stress, sad, tired, unrespected and negative emotion that made you fed up and finally againts him. Although you very clearly know the consequence. You just staff.

Will you take an action resign or not? Or just wait a miracle happen.

It happen to me......

Some of my friend advise me to stay, keep silence and say yes in every order.
Some of them not. They asked me to step back. The situation is unhealthy anymore. And my position very difficult to stand alone, because he already block me and made exclusive wall so I cannot reach him.

Later I just cried... It’s very hard for me to take any decision. I love this job, but the other side..I cannot continue if the situation cannot change. How can I worked then. I m not a staff who just say yes sir and take advantange for my sake. It is not my type.  

I take the last choice, RESIGN! I didn’t care what people say that I m too stubborn or idealist. I didn’t care with my family, my daughter, I mnot patience. Whatever they say.

Right now

 I just care with my self, with my mentality. I m realize that I m so cruel with my self. I already let somebody else control my life. Everytime I got hurt I always say that I m ok, but frankly  Imnot Ok. I always sacrifice to somebody else, make them happy, without thingking with my own happiness. And it takes a time to recover.

I learn today
lesson sometimes is very expensive to pay.

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